About VRV Corporate

VRV was born out of imminent need for an Integrated Supply Chain Management driven by experienced Traders who can bring in Customer expectations and Sourcing expertise on a common platform to deliver an impeccable experience.

VRV has been operating in a rapidly changing business environment over last 10 years. The recent events of Global Pandemic, Geopolitical shifts and increasing globalisation of products and services have shifted the dynamics of every business entity. We believe, the changes are here for good and have taken necessary steps in structuring our business structure to suit the various changes that are happening in the markets we operate.

Our Core Pillars of business principle are as follows:

Customer Experience



VRV will foster strong relationships in future to drive our strategic business plan forward…

Vision & Mission

At VRV, our aim is to create and maintain a sustainable, integrated supply chain, from our Sourcing origins to the destinations. We believe in traceability and transparency throughout our supply chains, upstream to downstream, to assure responsible and sustainable practices in all our endeavors.